I Want

I want, I want
The child whispers as she
Suckles at her mother’s breast
Milk seeping through chafed nipples
Nipples scarred, marred
By the battles fought and the
Battles won, the many times
She walked the tightrope
Teetering over strife and failure
The fruits of existence

But does the child know what she wants?
To want blindly, to walk unguided
To which the child shall be relegated
Aspirations, to heal the peoples
To heal the world
Merely, to heal oneself
What is the price?

She wants, she wants
How many pennies
Green and copper must be tossed
Into the fountain bubbling over
With the milk from her mother’s breast
For her wants to manifest?

Reward children indiscriminately
You spoil the egg
Neglect their wants and desires
You allow the apple core
To ferment and to rot
Succumb to the elements

This child, this girl
What is the harm in entertainment?
To overwhelm her with the sweet milk
The bosom of the earth has to offer
How radical is the want to live unbridled?
Unfettered by the patriarchy of
Troubled minds and tortured psyches

One drop of this milk of great potency
Shall tear the shackles of imprisonment
With the ease of ripping tissue
And return the investment tenfold
For blessed and gifted is her mind
Far too precious to be cast to sea
As the tides roll out
Carrying the day’s dead.

© Alexandra Shall 2014

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