I Am a Weeping Willow

This evening, I was perusing through a notebook of old poems I had written and came across one I had written in tenth grade.  The assignment was to compose a poem in the fashion of Paul Simon’s “I Am a Rock.”  Finding this poem created simultaneously within me feelings of happiness and sadness.  I have come so far, yet feel as though I still reside in such a place of darkness.  Perhaps this poem will have me searching ardently for light.

I Am a Weeping Willow

As sure as the setting of the sun,

My spirits, too, will plummet below the horizon,

Entering a world of perpetual winter, moroseness, and shame,

My soul utterly alone.

I am a weeping willow, I am a cave.

As sure as the rising of the sun,

My spirits will rise above the earth,

Mankind, the heavens, into a world devoid of winter and filled with elation and joy,

But equally occupied with pain, sorrow, and longing.

I am a weeping willow, I am a cave.

When will the sun stop setting and rising,

Tumbling me down from monstrous highs to unfathomable lows.

In my garden, only unwanted weeds of fatigue and apathy grow.

If only someone would tend to my garden before I am drowned in my own weeds.

I am a weeping willow, I am a cave.

And a weeping willow always bows her head to weep,

And a cave is never enlightened by the sun.

© 2014 Alexandra Shall


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