Cloying Inevitability

Baked sweets, but

Sticky in nature

Cloyingly sweet

The bad kind

Mouth in twists and tangles

Intertwined strings

Dancing for freedom

Cruelty stealthily hiding

In muddied winter snow


Oh renewer of life

You sneaky little fellow

Creeping in with

A tease, offering a

Foreboding glance projected

On the increasingly

Rising waters where

Dormant hopes percolate

Catapult to the

Surface with tendrils

Eager to dance

Lightning bugs praying

Ardent requests for

Release from dormancy

And yes, their prayers

Shall be answered

With the swiftness

In which cream churns

To butter


The tease offered by

Spring brought forth the

Promised land

Surely no disappointment

Nor discontent

Honey flows forth in

Amounts previously unfathomable

What a wondrous

Sacred occurrence

A blessing and double-edged sword

Be careful

Even the docile dogs bite

Laughter, unregulated

Gushing forth with the speed

Of blood from a gaping wound

Which you shall heal,

You promised?


Surprise, young child, as

You will find the decomposition of

Peaches and souls

As the tides shift and

The weather vanes

Begin to rotate

Darkness circumambulates

Slowly diminishing souls

Provider of demise and protection

May you be the decider


Ever-swiftly and ever-so-slowly

Reaches out with cloyingly

Sweet hands, gently

Drawing existence back to the

Stickiness of poorly baked sweets

Hopes for an offering

Just a tease,

A glimpse of what

Light can bring.


© 2014 Alexandra Shall

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