A Convergence of Paths

Quite funny, isn’t it

The way paths can run parallel

Different times, yet ever concurrent

Never to converge

Yet to cross often

In twists and tangles

Resembling interlocking stitches

Intricate patterns

A patchwork quilt

Whether it be falls or cuts

The leaking of a shared madness

Of unbridled brilliance

Beauty rests in the

Crossing, yet separation

Of these two souls

One has succumbed to darkness

While the other yearns

Earnestly to dance therein

Envious of such bravery

Obsessed, perhaps

Yet this bravery metamorphoses

Into an impetus for the

Second soul to live

A gift, carefully wrapped

Contemplate not

Accept this gift

The first soul implores the second

Toss not away this world

Worship the inherent light

Such a mystery, is this crossing

A rare offering, a blessing in disguise.


© 2014 Alexandra Shall

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