Time Bomb

A mind is like a time bomb,

In more ways than one.

Our lives tick away

Until a moment of silent

Detonation and our souls pass peacefully

To the next world.

The ticking in my mind

Began as the soft ticking of a

Grandfather clock and over the years

Became the deafening boom of a

Tympani residing deep within my head.

Was this death, the conclusion of my life

Resting in such closeness,

Its bitterness tickling the tip of my tongue?

At such an inopportune time,

The time bomb detonated with great explosion

Reverberating through all of aspects of my life,

Leaving my mind shattered and in utter disrepair.

Oh, I found it was not death

I was to succumb to,

But rather a fate far worse

And devastating than death itself.


© 2014 Alexandra Shall


This poem is in response to the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry.  I wrote this poem in my mid-teens.  I have reworked it a bit, but I wanted the original essence to remain, embracing any imperfections.  I see it as a snapshot of myself at that age – my emotions, my thoughts, my cognitive processes – and I appreciate the simplicity of the piece, not too many bells and whistles.  Returning to older poems provides me with a concrete, definitive illustration of where I have been, my journey, and where I am now.  I find delight and thanksgiving in this process.

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