This piece (I am unsure of what to categorize it as) is in response to the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge.  The challenge for this week was to write a piece composed of fifty words – no more, no less.  What I have written is dark and perhaps disturbing.  This could very possibly be a reflection of my mood today.  The following is my take on the challenge.

Can fifty words have the power to absolve

Break open the flood gates of eternal guilt

Erase the muddy tracks of demons

Who have waltzed across my arms

Give back to me what was taken on a summer night

How glorious, how simple it would be

The power of fifty

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty


  1. Nice fifty and cool blog. If only fifty words could make everything better, huh? Your mood does seem down, but I’ve been there before, so I understand. Thank you for blogging and helping with mental health awareness.

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