Deep Desires

We, as humans, have an unbridled potentiality for depth

Open our bodies, splay our interiors

Butcher us, make us naked and exposed

Prepare us to meet our end


Tread in shallow water

Or venture, delve into the deep

For it is within the cool, shadowy depth

That our souls rest, unmistakable, ever so hidden

Our faults and indiscretions, our failures

Made known to the discerning eye


Or examine the ailing tree

The marks of trials and tests

Visible only if you glance closely at the weathered bark

Open our souls, and you will see the madness

That affects those privileged to dance in this life

Count ring by ring, knot by knot, recorded with careful consideration

And yes, the madness shall be visible

Glorious as it is soul shattering

A beauty incomparable and incomprehensible


You will wish ardently to be overtaken, engulfed

By this insidious, all-embracing force

There are those who suffer and those who long to suffer

To be bestowed the gifts and blessings awarded only to the mad

The sane are the sick, the ailing and the afflicted

For they will never know the darkness of this world

Have the talents and abilities that far surpass

The capabilities of those who waltz in ignorance

Who live boring, uneventful lives, free of misery


Those who swim in the depths, who are brave enough

To chop down the sacred tree

Existing eternally in the forbidden garden

Cursed, damaged and marred they may be

Who are able to taste, salted caramels on their tongues

Madness and the tryst, the romance it has with morbidity


They will pray, sacrificing youth and mortality

And the fresh, healthy blood coursing through untouched vessels

To succumb to madness

Map pristine bodies with scars and blemishes

Accumulate marks indicative of the wedding and marriage

Of the soul to the darkness of this existence

A life destined to be forever tainted

Stained by spilled desires and stifled breath


Such a desirable state is this madness

Gifted are those who tread in its depths

Unfortunate and pitiful are those confined to the shallows

Destined to be deprived of the ripe fruits of this world.


© 2014 Alexandra Shall


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